Magento Takes so Much Time?

Magento is easily one of ecommerce’s most used platforms. That fact might be the reason why some people could experience slower app performance, which could be frustrating for a platform that prides itself of being the best platform to use when you want to sell online.

However, it is important to note that technology naturally have bugs and issues that arise from time to time. No matter how great a platform might be, in this case, Magento, it would not be an exception to technical issues that fortunately, can be resolved.

Yes, Magento can be slow. The reasons why could greatly vary, and is largely a case to case basis. For some, it could be their internet connection, their operating system and server, etc. What could cause one’s Magento complain could be completely different to another person’s.

Some technical experts blame the incredible flexibility of the platform. They say because Magento was designed to be fully customizable, it loads slower and has poor performance. That claim has never been proven, and would most likely be of no use to resolve since Magento knows that a huge chunk of its population loves the platform because of the ultra-responsive Magento themes.

Fortunately, there are DIY speeding up techniques you can use to make Magento run faster.

  • Optimize your images. Make sure you do not use pictures in very large files. Learn to compress them.
  • Choose a fast web hosting. With this one, get help from forums and reviews.
  • Always make sure you are running the latest Magento version.
  • Enable Flat Catalog. Doing this merges product data in just one table, so codes get read faster and the page loads better.
  • Enable Magento Compilation. This feature can boost your site’s performance in as much as 50%. It compiles files in a single directory, and caches most frequently used files as well.
  • Use a speed boosting extension. Again, read reviews and forums before choosing which to add to your ecommerce site.
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Magento is generally a great platform. Its slow loading pages might disappoint you from time to time, but you have to remember that you are also responsible as the user. Do these basic troubleshooting tips to make Magento perform better for you. Sometimes, it all depends on you and how you use it.

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